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Our Thread Repair Services

Our focal point is establishing KOT as the market leaders offering turnkey services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year relating to bolt removal and thread repairs including installations of Helicoils, Solid Stainless Steel and Custom Inserts. Concentrating on reducing cost-to-client is why we invest in state-of-the-art equipment and technologies available, incorporating rigorous training programs and retaining highly skilled artisans providing the highest levels of quality control and surety our workmanship is guaranteed.


We specialize in the following services;

  • Broken Bolt and Stud Removals
  • Broken Glow Plug and Spark Plug Removals
  • Broken and Seized Injector Removals
  • Broken Tap, Easy Out and Drill Bit Removals
  • Lock and Wheel Nut or Bolt Removals
  • Helicoil and Insert Installations
  • Sump Thread Repairs and Plug Supplies
  • Diff and Gearbox Filler and Drain Plug Thread Repairs
  • Die Nut Cutting
  • Drilling and Tapping of New and Existing Threads
  • Fitment of RivNuts
  • Removal of Seized Pilot Bearing Casings
  • Refurbishing of Axle, Diff and Gearbox Pinion Threads and Bearing Journals
Emergency Thread Repairs

We work 24/7 to ensure you don’t go a moment without assistance. Broken bolts and stripped threading can cause problems anywhere which is why we have a fully equipped mobile workshop to fix any threading issue on site.

Seized Bolts, Nuts, etc.
  • Seized and broken bolts removed
  • Seized and damaged nuts removed
  • Broken studs removed
  • Stripped and damaged threads repaired
  • Seized and broken spark plugs removed
  • Damaged spark plug threads repaired
Broken Bolt Removal

Considering us?
Why do it yourself when you can get 100% customer satisfaction the first time? For the removal of broken bolts, stripped threading, stud removal, fitting of helicoils and much more!

Sump Thread Repairs
  • Sump Plug Repair
  • Diff Plug Repair
  • Filler Plug Repairs
  • Removal of Broken Bolts
  • Fitment of Helicoils
  • Broken Spark Plug Removal
Helicoil Fitting
  • Seized sump plugs removed
  • Damaged sump plug threads repaired
  • Broken Easy-Outs removed
  • Broken drill-bits removed
  • Broken taps removed
  • Wheel security lock-nut removal
BMW Block Repairs

BMW block repair specialists.
King of Threads specialise in repairing threading in all BMW engine blocks efficiently and quickly at an affordable rate.

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